Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday breakfast

With weekday breakfast being a fend for yourself affair for the kids, with options being cold/hot cereal, homemade quick breads/muffins, I like to offer a nice breakfast come Sunday. Going out is not an option. For 1/4th of what a modest diner breakfast would cost me, I prepared the following:

 Sunday flavor treat: hazelnut coffee. We're now officially out of 1/2 & 1/2. I really prefer it over milk in my coffee, so may spring for it today. I also served OJ and tea.
 1 of the 2 remaining packages of sale priced bacon from the freezer. A once a month "treat" with my cholesterol levels remaining ok.

 A large onion, some frozen red peppers, and the last package of fzn hash browns all fried off in some resereved bacon fat. Yum!
Organic, free range, farmer's eggs. Worth it to me.


young77 said...

OK that does it - I'm having breakfast for dinner tonight! That looks so yummy!!! Shirley

Julie Vidani said...

this picture made me so hungry!

meme said...

I agree -- your breakfast plate looks delicious! I hope your son is feeling better - thankfully there is no school tomorrow so he can have an extra day of rest...