Saturday, January 9, 2016

Signs of the times: using it up!

 Last weekend, I drove the trash/recycling over to the transfer station. Already by Sunday night, the kitchen recycling bin was full. A second bag has now joined it in the garage.

 Sunday's special breakfast was buttermilk pancakes from scratch
 As usual. the microwave was used as a warming oven. I made a triple batch to  afford extras for the upcoing school/work week. We used up the maple syrup from the fridge. so I strained the rest into a sauce pan
 brought it to a gentle boil,
 then decanted it into awaiting jars. One gallon down,
 2 more await-gifted from a friend.  Sunday lunch was a YOYO deal.
 Sunday supper got more items used up, substituting an aseptic creamy garlic n herb cooking sauce for the usual cr mushroom soup.
 Baked chicken quarters, green bean casserole, steamed carrots, buttered garden linguini I cut in 2.
 Bananas needed to be used up,
 so i waited until it was time to bake the chicken before baking 2 loaves of banana bread alongside.

 I used lemon juice on the chicken and the bulk of the spices from this gifted to me, now lurking in my cabinet, package or "spice kit" for shrimp and pasta primavera. It includes 6 foil covered, plastic tubs of spices: granulated garlic, minced onion, dill weed, thyme, black pepper. The dill was decanted into my dill spice jar, the pepper into the shaker near the stove.
Glad to have gotten that out of there.
I'm down to the ssgar in the canister, so conserving what we have for coffee and baking. One way I can do this is to turn to the Steevia on hand (MD's want me not to have it), and combing it 50-50 with sugar in "Koolaid," which the kids are drinking and not noticing any off taste.
 Planned over baked chicken legs and homemade chicken stock were used for Monday's supper
 along with these ingredients, and jarred garlic from the fridge
 Arroz con pollo.
 Tuesday found me combining vegetable linguini from Sunday, along with l/o spghetti from the previous week. No need to cook more, there was plenty with these mixed together. A can of stewed tomatoes, an opened jar of marinara were added.
 topped with 1/2 bag of frozen, shredded pizza blend cheese
 it was baked off. i call this "pasta bake."
 I would have preferred plain broccoli, but this bag had to go.
 Tuesday's dinner plate.
Wed was leftover night for 2.
 Thursday's meal took advantage of one of the tubs of marked down, ground sirloin that I froze.

the rest of the fzn onions/peppers, the rest of the opened block of Cheddar, most of the opened block of Colby-Jack was used, 1/2 of a fzn pepper cup.
 Additional ingredients, including some less than crisp, tortilla  chips.

A supper plate of what I call "taco bake."

Friday night dinner for 2: English muffin pizzas. This avoided take up.

Saturday supper for one: turkey and Havarti w/ dill cheese on toasted, seeded Rye with mayo, mustard, organic baby lettuce leaves. L/O herbes cornichons accompany.


Anonymous said...

I am so hungry now!

meme said...

Your meals look delicious for the past week - I agree with the above poster - now I am hungry!