Saturday, January 16, 2016

Blackbelt frugality: Shopping the pantry this weekend

 Last night's taco leftovers became today's lunch: more tacos on flour tortillas.
 What little refred beans, shredded Colby-Jack cheese and taco sauce dregs remained were added to 2 tubs of leftover taco cassserole. These are offerings for Sun's lunch. Waste not, want not.

Although we continue to use items up, I decided that there was no dire need for me to venture over to the transfer station.  Already2 weeks since the last trip, we have yet to fill the kitchen trash can, and more room remains in the garage "trash bin" for additional recycling filled bags. I did get over to the library, returned an overdue book (slipped under my radar) and paid the small fine. Grabbed a DVD I placed on hold, which is tonight's entertainment.
No grocery shopping today, as I used items up, I "shopped" the pantry shelves, replenishing the low salt soy sauce, the taco sauce, the green relish. I decanted the remaining lemonade "koolaid" to a smaller pitcher, and mixed up a gallon of grape "koolaid" again using a 50-50 stevia-sugar mix. We're home from work/school on Monday, so I grabbed this box of pasta and the can of beans for a pasta salad for Mon's lunch. I will make it tomorrow.  I'll be in the city for appointments on Mon, and will grab some 1/2 & 1/2 as well as milk at that time.

I also shopped the garage freezer, grabbing the above to help with Sunday breakfast as the boys are here this weekend, DD has returned.

I have just under $42 of grocery money to get me to Feb, and will be spending $8 on Tues for organic, free range eggs from a farmer. I can certainly do this, just need to stick to "the plan."

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