Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shopping for February

DD and I did a quick grocery shop this evening. First was Aldi's: cat litter (tallied outside of the grocery budget), 2 gallons milk, 2 tubs cottage cheese, 3 loaves bread, 4 cans fzn OJ, 18 ct toilet paper, 6 boxes tissues, plastic wrap, 3 ct pkg Romaine hearts, cabbage, 2 lbs carrots, 2 tubs mushrooms, 2 lbs onions, qt organic yogurt, deli ham and turkey breast, 2 cans juice pack peaches, 1 brownie mix, 1 rice pudding (Dd will reimburse), 8 lbs sugar, 2 cans bk olives, 12 cans ginger ale, 3 bottles juice.  $64.16

Next: Dollar Tree:
ketchup, tortillas, 2 hair conditioner, kitchen stick matches. $5.19.

$69.35 of a $200/month budget. We did well.


Winter Fan said...

Wow, I didn't realize your grocery budget was so low. I've always loved your meal planning posts and I'm impressed! For 2016, I have my family of three on a budget of $600 (pets/household included in this) and I went over by $125 in January! About $60 of this was party supplies/snacks for child's school and extra-curricular activities. Still, I know I can do better.

CTMOM said...

Winter, Since Jan 1, I am on a very low grocery budget, as a means to address to goals:
1-reduce supplies on hand as we are moving by the end of July, when my lease is up
2-to allocate monies not spent towards the upcoming move's expenses
3-to allocate monies not spent towards medical debt