Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sell what you no longer need or want


As I have mentioned, I am moving in 6 months. As a means of preparing, I am looking at all of our posessions, and selling off what I know we no longer want or need. A list will be generated once our next housing situation is confirmed with a signed lease, as I may be downsizing our furnishings further.

Recently I have sold the following through local Facebook tag sale sites (or will soon complete transactions on):

-Men's LL Bean down coat $30
-VT castings wood stove $400
-vintage, wood chair $10
-Rival microwave $35
-painted, wooden deacan's bench $25

I have several  items still up for grabs, with no takers yet. Whatever doesn't sell will be donated.


meme said...

good sale on the stove! My husband and I refinish old furniture and resell as an additional stream of income. We have a pretty good turnover as we do not sell high - just enough to make a small profit and keep people coming back. good luck on your sales

CTMOM said...

Meme, the last time I move 5 miles within the same town, and I paid to just have furnishings, some large appliances moved. Happy with the cost of about $1600. This next time, I will also have them move the boxed stuff-the driving back/forth was taxing, even if only a short distance. Less to move=lower cost. Decluttering and downsizing with more anticipated. If all of my sales (recent) come to fruition, there's $500 towards the estimated $2000 I will need.

meme said...

Wow - moving is so expensive - when we bought our house - my husband was working - he always worked as a furniture builder - anyway because of that, he could use company truck and his work friends volunteered to move us into our new home - so no expense. before that - we had lived in our house so long, that when we had movers going in there - it was under 300 dollars! Good idea to move as little as possible!

CTMOM said...

Lilli, when I moved out of the marital home, DX and DS # 1 physically moved my share of the furnishngs in a truck I paid for. I gave each $100 tip-that move cost me about $500. Moving from the former rental to this one cost me less than quoted, I spent about $1600. I don't yet know where we'll be, will we have a separtate dining room, a den? so I padded what I estimate I'll need and I will be paying to have the boxes items moved as well. I plan ahead, save for it.