Sunday, January 10, 2016

Planning ahead for the upcoming week

 Another hellish week approaches; the quarter is ending, semester exams starting, reports due, etc. I need to keep on top of my meal prep to avoid turning to convenience or take out. I assembled the needed ingredients, including a back up jar of mayo
 and using all of the l/o hard boiled eggs from earlier in the week, I made a smaller batch of egg and olive salad for sandwiches . I also hardboiled another dozen for my mid morning snack, per the MD.
 A fuzzy picture of the 4 packed in oil, cans of albacore tuna, bought on sale. I reserve these for tuna cakes, which are fried off anyway. Normally, I only buy packed in water versions of tuna;  these were an awesome deal. Fish on Monday this week will feature tuna cakes. Fzn brussels sprouts and steamed carrots will accompany.

Knowing that Tuesday will be difficult, I plan on taking advantage of minimal (relatively speaking) commitments Mon afternoon, and prepping Tuesday's hot pot casserole dish ahead of time, so that all that I will need to do is to pop it in the oven, make a green salad once I am home. The baggie in front is of sun dried tomato Italian sausages, now defrosting.


meme said...

Hi - Can I ask why your doctor recommends a hard boiled egg for a mid morning snack ?? I have RA, have some auto immune issues, -- so I was just wondering what the medical benefit is to a hard boiled egg as a mid morning snack ??

thank you,

CTMOM said...

Ellen aka Meme: I had a full physical with a new Internist in Sept. only to return about a month later for an ill visit. Every mid morning, I was getting what I am calling "spells' where I would feel light headed, dizzy and faint. While I had already been ubber viglant about what I was eating, my daily routine was and remains as follows:
5 a.m. water and RX
6:20 a.m. fruit (often a banana), 2 cups worth of coffee with 1/2 & 1/2 and sugar
7 a.m. 1 cup organic yogurt

I would have water throughout the day,including the morning. I wondered if it was my fairly new to me RX that the rhumatologist had me on.

Her answer is that although I am not diabeti nor am I hyperglycemic, I am getting an insulin drop come mid morning. Adding a simple protein (we brainstormed as to what would be do-able for me), and I chose a hard boiled egg. I also have unsalted almonds in my desk

This is working for me. While I grow hungry come 11 a.m. when the lunch shifts start, this has eliminated my spells.

Barbara Gantt said...

It is Monday, 1:04pm. I just recieved an email for this post. So it is working but definately delayed. Dont know if that is normal or not. Barbara

meme said...

Thank you for the information ! you know - I have something along those lines too, toward late morning I will feel - what I call "shaky" - light headed - I always had some quick crackers or something. My blood sugars are fine too - so it is not a diabetic issue for me either. The crackers don't always "cut it" - I think I will try the hard boiled egg route or some other protein....