Sunday, January 24, 2016

Planning ahead and taking stock

The top section of the fridge holds l/o chowder (work lunches), planned over waffles, an open jar of marinara (a freebie) and today's roast; second shelf hold msc dairy: ricotta, whipping cream, a jar of ham stock still covered with fat, foil covered cat food, a slice of quiche, a jar of bacon fat with a huge tub organic salad greens behind that
 Middle section holds a pumpkin bread, a few slices of banana bread, wraps, pancakes. The coldcut/cheese drawer has cheese, hardboiled eggs, Pepperoni and chorizzo, some pie crusts
 Bottom shelf: 1 1/2 qts 1/2 & 1/2, 1 1/2 qts yogurt, an open bottle each of white and red wine,  maple syrup in red capped jar, generic "koolaid", 1/2 jug milk behind that, 3 1/2 doz eggs, another glass jar with a bit of  l/o coffee.
 My salad and veggie drawer: a tiny wedge of cabbage, some "baby" carrots-those were free, celery, regular carrots, several whole red onions, 2 small Pyrex  bowls one with an open red, the other an open yellow onion, 2 open jars of pickles. Slim pickings but we are making do. The pickles were recently stored there so as to remind me to use them to top salads.
My fruit drawer with lots of citrus at the moment. Grapefruits, oranges, and lemons.

Going into a new work/school week, we are well prepared. I do need milk, and will get some tomorrow as I will be near Aldi's and we're almost out. Funds to be allocated to Feb. No issue with that as this is the cusp week and I've bought a few things ahead (such as the 1/2 & 1/2, fruit and eggs) which I know we will be using in Feb.


carol pavlik said...

Hi have either a great memory or an inventory list. I need a list to remind me what is pushed to the back and forgotten. Is the wine used in cooking? Curious what kind you buy, as I would like to start experimenting.

CTMOM said...

A bit of both, in this case, I literally opened the fridge and looked/checked to see what we have going into a new week. I buy whatever wine is on sale (unless I tried it, didn't like it) and yes, wine is used mostly in cooking.