Friday, January 1, 2016

March 2016 menus


The planning continues, with the goals of:
1-using up sodium ladden foods
2-reducing our food stockpiles in all storage areas due to the impending move, to reduce expenditure as I pay off medical debt

1-hotdog (us fzn) casserole (use elbow mac, cr mush soup); canned gr/wax beans, salad
3-ham-scallopped potatoes (use 2 box mixes), creole cabbage
5-corn chowder (use cr corn as a soup base), crackers
6-spaghetti w/ CP fzn homemade meatballs, salad, veg?
7-creamed salmon (use canned) over boiled potatoes, fzn peas
8-sausage hot pot (use fzn Ital sausage links), green salad
10-sloppy joes w/ fzn beef, canned corn, carrot sticks w/ Ranch
12-homemade ck-noodle soup, crackers/bread n butter
13-corned beef w/ cabbage, potatoes, carrots; homemade Irish soda bread
14-home made clam chowder, crackers
15-pâté chinois (use fzn grnd turkey and grnd beef, instant potatoes, canned cr corn); apple-raisin coleslaw
17-planned overs: corned beef hash, baked beans, coleslaw
18-baked ziti w/ cheese, salad, veg?
19-homemade chicken-rice soup, crackers/bread n butter
20-CP pot roast w/ gold mush soup, instant potatoes, carrots w/ fzn Brussels sprouts (cook extra for Mon)
21-tuna noodle casserole use cr mush soup, planned over veggies
22-CP chilli, use dried beans, diced fzn turkey, homemade corn bread
24-hamburger and macaroni (use fzn Ital sausagee instead of beef), green salad
26-planned overs: beef barley soup, crackers/bread n butter
27-Baked ham w/ pineapple, scallopped potato mix, veg?
28-tuna cakes, Basmatti rice mix, veg?
29-CP ham bone w/ navy benas, homemade corn bread
31-beef tacos on flour tortillas (use pouch taco sauce mix), canned corn

I am now 3 months planned, as I hit the end of Feb, I will complete the veggie sides, which are in question for several dates. I know that I will need to buy hamburger rolls (or make), 1 tube fzn grnd turkey,a good sized corned beef, 1 can pineapple rings, in addition to the usual perishables.


Winter Fan said...

Wow, I can't get over how organized you are with your food planning! I have trouble planning one week at a time. It's definitely something I need to work on, especially since always have some kind of mystery meat in the bottom of my freezer.

BlogReader said...

Are your kids allowed to make something else on a menu night? For example, if an older kid feels like a toasted sandwich versus scheduled spaghetti? Or do you require those living there to abide by the plan? Thanks for sharing.

CTMOM said...


Unless one is ill, I only make one supper. We try to follow the menu plan, resorting to plan B upon occassion but yes, the menu is pretty much followed. If one cooks, one cleans up. Other than college boy n gf turning their noses up at my menu only to order out something comparable on their dime, I can't recall an occassion when someone made something for him/herself unless on a restricted diet due to illness ie: tummy problems. My menus are clearly posted for all to see on the large corkboard/message center in the kitchen. There may have been occassions when I was asked to switch menus around, but the kids know that sometimes the menus are what they are for time/preping in advance reasons. If I can easily switch, I will-really depends upon what time I will return home for the night, whether or not it's feasible.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

You are amazingly organized! I don't think or plan that far ahead--sometimes a good thing, sometimes not. I do have one question--using potato mixes for scalloped potatoes--is that because you can get them more cheaply than using whole potatoes, or for some other reason?
I enjoy the Rice-A-Roni mixes myself, but can rarely get them for under $1 each. Not a good use of money compared to brown rice (often BOGO) but I do still buy them occasionally for variety's sake. I haven't bought the potato mixes in a while so don't know if any are available with low sodium--but Rice-A-Roni does come in a lower sodium version which is still not very low, but that's the one I buy when I do buy it.

You seem to be well supplied with foods and I understand wanting to use them up before moving--but if you then put the money you would have spent on food onto medical bills, what happens after you move and need some cash to replenish your supplies? If you haven't put some $$ aside for that purpose, then how to you catch up on stocking your cupboards after moving?

I depend more on my sales resistance than budgeting on paper. Luckily, my sales resistance is pretty strong after 53 years of marriage/motherhood/household management! I avoid the aisles from which I don't need something, so my path through the supermarket varies by what is on my list that week. When I was unable to drive for a couple weeks after my hospital stay, my husband followed me around but never figured out how I determine the path of the week! He doesn't go in grocery stores much at all.

CTMOM said...

Marcia, potato mixes are a random item in the pantry. With Thanksgiving, I took advantage of sales plus doubled coupons, paying $1 or less a box. Fast forward, I am on a low salt diet. While many would have purged the pantry, I can;'t afford to-we're using them up, not to buy them again. Yes, reducing food stuffs to move is a matter of practicality, once we settle into what I anticipate will be smaller accomodations, I may not be able to store as much as I have been. DD is with me another year, one ds may/not attend college, so we are in flux. That said, I anticipate storing less at home. My shopping and my diet has changed, my storage needs reflect this. When I do move in July, I should have paid off an additional 1/3 of my medical debt, leaving a final third to address. This may be further reduced depending upon my tax return (refund?) and additional savings. My no interest payment plan equals my monthly HSA contribution, I plan on applying the monies not spent on groceries towards that, minimally at least doubling my payment. Once resettled, my grocery budget can increase, no worries.