Saturday, January 30, 2016

Maintaining my car


I had to go three times (busy, they don't mmake appointments) to get my tires rotated. while there, I also had them replace my windshield wipers. Maintaining a paid for car is essential, IMO, so I budget extra monthly to address this need.  I can much easier afford a maintenance bill over buying a new or a new to me vehicle. The dealership service center is now moving to appointments, and one was scheduled for the end of June for my oil change. I already know that I'll be returning in April to have my snow tires removed.  The service writer also went over my vehicle inspection, I have some "caution" indications on some  filters, which I will address once they determine that it's time.


Linda said...

I agree. Our car is eleven years old, paid for, runs good, and we've had few repair bills over the years. Tell my husband to stifle it every time he even thinks about getting a new car.

CTMOM said...

Linda, I drive a new to me, 2010 hybrid that only has 47,000 miles on it. I hope to keep it for many more years.