Saturday, January 23, 2016

Goal met, ready for the upcoming week

 Our first, real snow storm of the season is hitting, as anticipated. DX and I took the boys last night for dinner, but brought them back hre for the weekend, as he will be out plowing.t  DD and I were therefor on our own supper. I had just enough left in my "restaurant foods" budget, to afford a burger and fries treat from Whole Foods, and while there, we picked up just a few items for the upcoming week: a huge tub of organic baby salad greens, a double sized tub of grape (produced in USA!) tomatoes, a quart of organic yogurt. I am litterally at $199.99 for January, rolling the penny over to Feb.
My fridge remains well supplied to get me through the week. I anticipate a milk run come mid week, but I'm ok with that as we stocked up on extra 1/2 & 1/2, salad stuff ahead.

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meme said...

that is awesome - you are ending January with one penny left - did not go over your grocery budget - congrats! We had an unexpected expensive car repair earlier this month, while we did have the emergency money fund for that - I still want to come in under budget for January for groceries to replace some of that money (345 dollar repair)