Sunday, January 10, 2016

Follow by email


Thanks to a reader, I was able to add a "follow by email"  feature to this blog. See the link to the right, submit your email address and you be be set to receive new posts via email. I did this in  response to a reader's request. Could someone try it out and let me know that it's working properly?


Barbara Gantt said...

I just did the folow you on email. Hope it works. I enjoy reading your blog. Barbara

CTMOM said...

Barbara Gantt, additional posts have since been written, are you receiving them via email?

Ms. Sandie said...

I just started the follow you process. :)

Barbara Gantt said...

I just got the first email, so missed a lot of post. I will let you know if this continues to work. I left a comment on the post that I recieved the email. It was Planning Ahead for the Upcoming Week. Barbara