Friday, January 1, 2016

February 2016 menus


New Year's Eve found me stock taking the kitchen cabinets, pantry shelves, refrigerator, freezers to get a handle on what we have. Blackbelt frugality has kicked in, my grocery budget is slashed as I chip away at medical debt, reduce what we'll have to move come Summer. We're in use it up mode as regards sodium laden items, as well. I've had additional blood work recently, glad to report that my minerals, vitamins, cholesteral are all normal. I'll continue as I have, unless advised differently by my doctors.

1-CP spaghetti sauce over Farfalle, green salad, canned Fr green beans
2-dried mushroom tortellini  in fzn poultry stock as a soup, crackers or bread/butter
4-casserole of boxed scallopped potatoes with fn cubed ham; fzn green/waxed bean mix, cole slaw
6-Senate bean soup, crackers or bread/butter
7-New England boiled dinner using fzn shank ham, cabbage, carrots, potatoes
8-baked fzn Salmon fillets (on hand), br rice, steamed fresh carrots w/ fzn peas
9-sausage hot pot using fzn Ital sausage links; green salad
10-l/o (Ash Wed)
11-sloppy joes w/ grnd beef, canned corn, home made oven fries
13-split pea w/ ham soup, crackers/bread n butter
14-baked whole turkey, homemmade stuffing, homemade gravy, canned gr bean casserole
15-homemade tuna cakes w/ hm tartar sauce, garlic and herb br rice mix, canned corn, coleslaw
16-Planned overs:  CP chilli using dried pintos, chopped turkey; homemade corn bread
18-pâté chinois (use fzn beef, fzn grnd turkey, instant mashed potatoes, canned cream corn),  apple-raisin slaw
19-homemade cheese pizza, salad
20-lentil soup use 2 fzn hotdogs cut into "pennies," crackers/bread n butter
21-Pork chop bake (use fzn chops), apple sauce, fzn Brussels sprouts w/ carrots
22-creamed salmon (use canned) over boiled potatoes, canned beets
23-Salbury steaks (use fzn beef, Fr onion soup for the gravy), instant mashed potatoes, canned gr beans
25-ham and pineapple stir fried basmatti rice
27-ham-potato chowder (use canned cream corn as soup base); crackers/bread n butter
28-herb crusted eye of the round, instant mashed potatoes, canned green bean saute (beans sauteed with multi colored pepper strips, onion)
29-crab (use canned) crustless quiche (use fzn Havarti w/ dill), salad, fzn peas w/ creamed onions

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