Saturday, January 9, 2016

Eating down the pantry and grocery shopping

 List and coupons in  hand, I went to Stop and Shop today. 2 loaves of bread, each with doubled coupons applied, so an additional $1.10 off each
 Milk was the only thing bought at Aldis' The block of Gruyere and the presliced Havarti with dill both are from Whole Foods
 3 "missing a few so deep discounted" cartons of eggs. I paid under $2/doz for these; yes, I did the math in the store especially as a stop in at Dollar Tree was planned, and if available, I'd grab some of their medium sized eggs @ $2/doz. I paid $1.39, 41.44, $1.49 for these.
 2 tubs of lunch meat from Ald's, 2 BOGO roasts, 2 pkgs lunch meat from Whole Foods, 3 lbs 80% grnd beef on sale @ $2.99/lb. Beef is frozen for future months.
 Pantry items: 2 cans of mango juice (DS asked for it, he never has special requests so @ 69 ea, yes, I bought it), 2 lbs green lentils @ 89/lb, a box of marked down Earl Grey tea.

Cantaloupe, baby carrots (freebie), USA grape tomatoes, 2 lbs lemons, 5 lbs each Texas red grapefruit and CA navel oranges. Naturally, I weighed the bags of citrus, selcting the heaviest ones of each. The grapefruit although marked 5 lbs, was actually 6.24 lbs.

A bottle of  detergent that cost me 99 cents when 2 coupons were applied, some replacement/back up hair products for me as I grabbed the last shampoo and conditioner and do not have a back up mousse, mine is almost out.

Last weekend, I only spent 1/2 of my allotted amount (approx $25 of the $50) so spending $73.44 @ S & S, plus $22.13 @ Whole Foods and $7.37 @ Aldi's , I am Ok with that.


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