Saturday, January 9, 2016

CVS this week, and it pays to be a wise consumer

 I needed to go to CVS on Friday, to get a new RX, I was running out of face powder, needed more cough drops. I also was going to grab some nature Made Vitamin D pills that are BOGO this week. I did use some rewards bucks $2 towards the make up. I paid cash.
 Alas, they were out of  them, so I got a raincheck, intending to do a bundled deal, next time I saw them: combining this week's sale (thru the raincheck) with a $3 off any vitamins store coupon, and a $2 manufactrer's coupon.  I would get 4 bottles @ $11.99 x 2 (after BOGO) -$3 CVS cpn -$2 manufacturer's cpn, so $18.98 for 360 pills or 5 cents/day. Great!
I was at Stop and shop, having noted that they also had a BOGO deal on this preferred brand AND they also carry a more extensive selection of quantities. I bought 2, 250 count bottles of my vitamins (since I take 1/day, that's well over a year's worth). Normally, this would have been $43.98 or 9 cents/day but instead, I paid $21.99 w/ BOGO - $2 manufacturer's coupon - $1 employee discount thru DS so $18.99 or 4 cents/day. Best part was paying for this with my pre-tax HSA funds, keeping my grocery funds in tact.

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