Friday, January 1, 2016

Cooking from the pantry: talking desserts


Although I've ratched up my kitchen frugality, I do not want the kids to feel deprived. I've inventoried supplies on hand and have the following to use:

-lots of pudding and chocolate mousse mixes
-Jello mixes, plain gelatin
-5 Angel Food mixes
-6 cake mixes (2 lemon, 1 "Fall sprinkle", 3 yellow)
-a lg canister of "Crisco" shortening
-1 box graham crackers, a 1/2 jar of homemade graham cracker crumbs
-assorted extracts, sprinkles
-baking cocoa, chocolate chips, cinnamon chips, white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips
-walnuts, pecans
-sweetened condensed millk, evaporated milk
-a bit of Fluff, several bags of marshmallows
-honey, agave, steevia, about 9 lbs sugar, 4 lbs br sugar, 1 ea of large bottle of lite and dark corn syrup, tons of maple syrup-literally gallons, molasses
-peanut butter, assorted jams, nutella, several jars of poppy seed filling
-crystalized ginger, dried dates, raisins, craisins, fruit cake mix
-fzn and canned apple sauce, canned: mandarins, pineapple, pears, peaches, pumpkin puree, cherry pie filling, ,vanilla rhubarb sauce, bluberry pie filling,; fzn shredded zucchini, fzn pumpkin puree, fz cranberries, fzn blueberries, fzn rhubarb
-about 25 lbs AP flour, 2 boxes cake flour

So,  no ice cream, no bought (rare here anyway) cookies. I've got to use what I have, baking on the weekend for the upcoming week. I can anticipate running out of sugar fairly soon, especially if I increase my baking. Eggs are bought almost weekly.


Lee Ann said...

what exactly do you use the crystalline ginger for? I know sounds like a dumb question.

CTMOM said...

Lee Ann, I use crytalliazed ginger in cookies, ginger bread, can be used in jam (pear-ginger and gingered mango grace my pantry shelves), or a gingerbread.