Friday, January 1, 2016

Cooking from the pantry: talking beverages


Beverages can take a huge chunk out of the grocery budget. My must haves are low sodium V8 style juice (MD requires that I have 6 oz of high potassium juice with one of my RX's), regular coffee, decaf coffee, OJ or grapefruit juice (vit C especially in Winter), tea including plain reg and decaf, herbal teas. Currently, we also have some soda (I like to keep 1  ginger ale, 1 cola on hand for medicinal reasons as well-most of what I have is holiday leftovers), Christmas egg nog, wine and liquor (used predominantly in cooking), cocoa (including some recently gifted at Xmas), lots of generic "koolaid" pouches, hazelnut coffee, pumpkin spice coffee (a gift). Last night, I unearthed some Stevia I had forgotten about.

Personally, I drink a lot of water, and encourage my kids to as well. It's filtered well water from the tap. In an effort to avoid feelings of  deprivation, I am digging out the "special" teas, I made a big pitcher of grape koolaid (used 50-50 sugar and steevia to save the sugar for baking/coffee as well as to use up the Steevia). One kidlet had some last night, no reports of "off flavor" so this is a go, I have several batches worth of steevia to use up, following this aforementioned trick. We rarely have soda, it's usually reserved for "pizza night." Koolaid will be replacing that once we're down to 1 ginger ale, and 1 cola on hand. Soda, IMO is not necessary unless ill, we do have alternatives that need to be consumed.

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Meg B. said...

I read your kitchen capers and am quite impressed. Learning to cook wasn't second nature to me. I used to say I'd rather clean than cook. I've grown to love cooking/baking though, and you inspire me.
Growing up, our beverages was water, with the occasional glass of o.j. for breakfast. When we got older, (college) coffee and tea were available all day, with a g&t or beer before dinner. I didn't develop a taste for soda until I went away to college, and it was available in the dining hall. Milk was only used in the odd bowl of cereal. Besides, my mother used powdered milk...blech. I wish I raised my kids that way, but dh seems to think the kids need milk and soft drinks. Of course, I consider coffee, tea and wine staples, so maybe I am the odd one!
Have a happy new year. Best wishes to you, and thank you for this blog.