Friday, January 1, 2016

Cooking from the pantry: so come April, what proteins will be left?


With an inventoried list in front of me, I have 3 months worth of dinner meals planned out (Jan-Mar 2016). I have considered breakfasts, lunches, snacks, desserts and beverages. I have some treats stashed away (bacon, bfst sausage, cooked ham, apple-ck sauasage for Sun bfsts), multiple gift cards (Dunkin donuts, Starbucks) to break up the possible perceived drudgery. Come April, however, the concern is being able to continue to provide a variety of proteins. I already anticipate using up all/most of the frozen and canned produce by the end of March. I also aim to empty the freestanding freezer, and sell it.

At this point, it looks like I'll have the following proteins to use for April:

-peanut butter
-2 cans salmon
-fzn shredded cheese?
-canned baked beans
-canned pork beans
-fzn baked beans?
-assorted varieties of dried beans (pintos, navy, lg lima, black, pink, red kidney, Jacob's cattle)
-quinoa-both red, regular
-fzn hotel style turkey breast
-1 4 ct pkg fzn turkey breast cutlets
-homemade Italian style meatballs
-1 lb fzn grnd pork
-2 lbs fzn grnd beef
-1 lb fzn grnd chicken
-3 pkgs fzn ck parts on the bone (drums, thighs)
-4 pkgs fzn BSCB (may turn to these for sandwich fillings, however)
-2 pkgs fzn bacon
-1 tube fzn bulk pork bfst sausage
-1 box fzn veggie burgers
-3 lbs bulk (out of casing) fzn Ital sausage
-9 (8 oz) pkgs of fzn Ital suasage links
-2 lbs fzn  sundried tomato sausages
-1 pkg fzn Brats (may become a weekend lunch with baked beans)
-1 pkg fzn kielbasa dogs (may become a weekend lunch with baked beans)
-1 lb fzn Portugese sausage
-3 lbs apple-chicken sausage (may be turned into bfst quiches on the weekends)
-fzn cooked ham? cooked turkey?

I should be able to get thru April with some additional ingredients, as needed/determined. May thru July is going to be interesting! If I keep on this path, not including any possible tax refund, I anticipate paying another 1/3 of my medical debt by June 30th.


Linda said...

Surely, you have food somewhere besides the pantry in that picture? Yes, I know meat would mostly be in the freezer. Will you not freeze food again since you are selling the freezer? You are marvelous to plan meals that far ahead. It is not in me. However, I do know how many meats I have, and I know what other proteins are here.

CTMOM said...

Linda, that is a stock photo from the Internet. I have very full, pantry shelves at the moment-ditto my freezers (stand alone and kitchen fridge) I listed what I anticipate will be remaining, protein wise, come April. Knowing myself, I'll most likely post photos of my actual fridge/freezer/pantry by then. Based on my 3 month planning, the majority of canned/frozen fruits and vegetables will be gone, a lot of my extra baking/beverage/snack items as well. I must reduce my grocery expenditures to reduce what we will have to move, and as a means of resourcing monies to pay down/off some medical debt.
Yes, I will turn to the freezer to freeze what I call "planned overs" or leftovers, but I do not anticipate filling the freezer (hope to sell the stand freezer which we haven't been happy with)in the kitchen. As needed, I will buy for the week/month but only the exact amount needed to complete meals for the desired time period. 2 cans of beans vs 12 kind of shopping.

Lee Ann said...

Can I just say you are amazing!

Linda said...

Oh, that stock photo just did not fit with what you said. Moving makes a difference in how you buy and eat. I've got it now. Thanks for the response to my confusion.