Friday, January 1, 2016

Cooking from the pantry: leftovers Friday

 While traditionally, I make another meat pie for New year's Eve, we simply had too many leftovers on hand, including some pie from Xmas. So, we enjoyed the special treat of shrimp cocktail (my last fzn bag bought specifically for NYE),and made up leftover plates. Breakfast today was pan fried ham slices, fried eggs, toast, OJ, coffee/tea. Lunch will again be a selection of leftovers.
 Friday night supper will be again for two , as the boys visit w/ Dad this weekend. An opened package of spaghetti became the inspiration for tonight's dinner. I didn't cave to the idea of take out Chinese. I don't need the salt, and I must watch every penny in order to meet my goals. Spaghetti it is!
 I greabbed 2 containers from the freezer: leftover marinara, leftover caccicatore sauce (minus any meat).  After defrosting them,
 they were combined in an awaiting Crock Pot. Saving energy also remains high on my list.
 I had come across an approx. 2 oz baggie of fzn grnd beef, so I grabbed that along with an 8 oz baggie of hot Italian sausage.

After browning off the meat, I added it to the CP. The picture shows the cooked meat before it was stirred in-about a burger's worth will be used. It'll simmer all day.

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