Saturday, January 2, 2016

Blackbelt frugality: this weekend's errands/shopping


First up: getting a late gift out in the mail (I had already warned the recipient that'll be late!)
Paid: $5.75

Second errand: drive the recycling (and 1 1/3 bags of actual trash) over to the transfer station. The storage bins in the garage were overflowing with recycling; even though I normally go every 2 weeks, I cleared out today.
Paid: $2 for 10 lbs trash

Next: over to the Vet's to pick up a large bag of special cat cereal. I have the female cat also on this, as  I can't have the male sampling anything not prescribed. Knock on wood, he's been OK since we started giving him the canned formulation of this food. Pricey but far cheaper than incurring Vet bills. I keep a separate budget category for pet associated costs, this is not part of our groceries.
Paid: $41.47

Headed up to the city to Aldi's for a few needed items to get me through the week (knowing that a milk run will be needed come Wed): 1 jug milk (I also need whole milk, they are out), 1 oj, 4 grapefruit, 5 bananas, 1/2 & 1/2., a bag of tortilla chips for Thurs' taco bake casserole. Missing from photo: 1 small can Rotel style tomatoes, 10 lbs all purpose potatoes, large can generic coffee (while my open can is 1/2 full, meaning 2 more week's worth for us, they didn't have the generic version last time, so I saved about 50 cents by buying ahead).

These 2 pkgs of ground sirloin fall into the "I'd be foolish NOT to buy this" category. With $2 off stickers, I paid $3.46 and $3.27 for these 2.
My rock bottom grocery budget is $200/month or $50/week. Pleased to report that even with buying meat, I spent 1/2 my money earmarked for this week. Awesome!
Paid: $25.71.

Next door: Dollar Tree. Grabbed a bottle of LA's Totally awesome oxy-ultra deluxe dish washing liquid, 50 oz. They haven't had any the past few times I was in, so glad I checked. Grabbed just one more for the cleaning supplies shelf down cellar. I already had some there, but knowing that I use 1/2 bottle/month, we've got 6-7 more months here, if I saw it, I was going to buy it.
Paid: $1.06 with tax.


I hadn't needed to get gas since before Christmas, and now was under 1/2 tank.  Topped up the car @ $2.04. 6.356 gallons
Paid : $12.96.


NAN said...

I just bought that ground beef at Aldi's- no sale here. You got a deal! Also heads up on the dish detergent- thanks! I don't use my dishwasher and it seems I am always needing detergent and most the off brands just don't cut the grease. Right now I am making a mac/cheese casserole just for me- trying to use up the Christmas ingredients. One thing our Aldi's carries that IMO is good and worth the money is a rolled turkey breast- boneless and no waste at all. I have 3 in the freezer. They had it at Easter and I hadn't seen it until November here in my store. I eat on it for a few days and then make turkey enchiladas. It does have some sodium added though drat it! I throw away the gravy packet- wasteful but I don't need the calories or salt.

meme said...

wonderful deal on the ground sirloin. when I do by ground beef - it is ground sirloin. we are using more lean ground turkey now though in place of ground beef.

CTMOM said...

Meme-I've been cutting most recipes that call for beef with either beef-turkey or beef-beans in a 50-50 ratio for some time now. My wallet thanks me; recent blood work shows cholesterol in normal range, so this works for me.

CTMOM said...

I did notice tht the lb fzn tubes of 85% grnd beef are down to $2.99 again. The ground sirloin was marked down.

The LA's awesome dish soap is comparable to Palmolive, IMO. $1.06 for what equals 2 bottles of Palmolive is awesome (I was thrilled to get Palmolove on sale for $2/25 oz or so a bottle). My hand washing soap costs went from $2/month to 50 cents, not including tax for either scenario. I also like LA's orange degreaser (also sold at Dollar Tree) as a stain treater for laundry. I have a spray bottle but later came across a qt refill-still @ DT so only $1 plus tax. I've also tried LA's liquid laundry detergent, works well. Only issue was the one with OXY in the blue bottle gave 2 of us rashes. I separated our wash for a while until it was used up on the clothes of those not reacting to it. As much as I like Gain and Tide, I cann't pay those prices. I aim not to spend over $5/50 oz bottle, often spending $1-$2. I prefer liquid fabric softener for towels BUT I have been using a stockpile of dryer sheets. With the impending move, it makes sense to use them up/if not all together. I'd then like to experiment with white vinegar-some report great results, and I like the idea of chemical free. My generic Brillo pads, Playtex sty;e dish washing gloves, nylon scrubbie pads also are bought at DT. I've used much of the cleaning supply stockpile I took when I left the marital home, and seek to reduce which products I am using, as time continues, simplifying.

young77 said...

My cat, Miss Lily, has her own budget category, too!!