Monday, January 18, 2016

Blackbelt frugality: fish on Monday

 My last whole fillet of wild caught, AK salmon from the freezer. Normally, this would be such a splurge, if not cost prohibative, but I took advantage of a holiday sale at Aldi's and bought 2-3 of these. I don't recall the price, but things certainly was more expensive than the canned pink salmon, which I can easily find on sale at $2.49 or less. Being frugal means pinching in other areas so as to be able to add items like this one, to our menus. Once again, I will be using Prevention Magazine's ginger glazed salmon recipe.
Sides: part of a BOGO free box of rice, a bag of Aldi's frozen Prince Edward mixed beans and  carrots. Mr Picky won't touch beans, but will partake of the carrots. A simple salad of Romaine, red onion, grape tomatoes with choice of dressing will complete the meal.

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