Saturday, December 19, 2015

What's been cooking?

 Fish on Monday: got assorted, fzn fish fillets out of the freezer. Brown rice, canned beets and l/o roasted organic Butternut squash along with a salad w/ choice of dressings
 Tues: since I prepped ahead Mon night, this was a breeze to get on the table, after coming home late: I warmed up the sauce
 Cooked the pasta 6 minutes, drained it, added it to the pot. I covered it, kept it on low.
 The finished casserole. Leftovers became  several work lunches

 Opened and drained a can of  green beans
 I kept a tub of  organic salad greens separate from other salad fillings, replenishing the greens by midweek. 2 commercial salad dressing bottles were finished off, the cuke is gone.

Wed was dinner for 2: I treated DD and myself to burgers n fries @ Whole Foods, using a gift card. $8 each was the original charge-cheaper and healthier than fast food
 Thurs's plan was shelved: a last minute appointment was opened up at the hospital. So, when I stopped for a jug of milk, I also gradded 2 small links of Polish kielbasa. Canned baked beans pulled off of the pantry shelves.

Fri was planned take out pizza night. Again, appointments had me in the city, the twins are with me this weekend.

Saturday bfst this morning: homefries potatoes, using 2 cans of spuds that contained salt, so I rinsed them. Last can in pantry is no salt. Scrambled eggs, coffee, juice.
 Soup on Saturday: unusually warm weather has given way to more seasonal weather: 36 degrees, windy, raw, with snow flurries. I grabbed some tomato soup cans off of the pantry shelf. Good thing-these particular cans were past date.
I made cream of tomato sooup, using whole milk, adding black pepper and 4 pats of butter. Once the butter melts completely, it's done(my Great grandmother taught me that)

 Free loss leader bread, butter, free Cheddar that I shredded, some Amer cheese
 became grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids to accompany the soup.
I just had 2 bowls with some soup crackers. Trying so hard to watch my sodium, and get salty items out of the house.

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