Saturday, December 5, 2015

What's been cooking?

 Last Sunday: marinated pork tenderloin, buttered and no salt garlic-herb seasoned egg noodles, l/o Butternut, steamed asparagus
 Fish on Mon: creamed salmon (used canned) over boiled potatoes, fzn peas
 Crockpot Tuesday: CP version of lazy golumbki casserole, green salad
 Dinner for 2 Wed: beef-onion burgers on toast, l/o peas, l/o home fries, green salad
 (Mostly) vegetarian Thurs: using this new item (afraid it won't enter the home again, due to the salt)
 Quinoa and ham stuffed acorn squash, green salad

Fri was dinner for 2: burgers on toast again, green salad
Sat leftovers: green salad, rest of l/o corn, rest of l/o home fries, 1/2 of the l/o golumbki casserole


Julie Vidani said...

can you explain the lazy golumki? I think you have in the past, but I couldn't find it.

CTMOM said...

JUlie-lazy golumbki casserole is unstuffed Polish style, rolled cabbage leaves. Chopped cabbage is the bottom layer, next a mixture of browned onion/grnd beef/rice (I use brown), topped with a tomato soup-water-species "sauce" This tastes just like the real stuffed caggabe leaves, just w/o the work.

Ms. Sandie said...

Ohhh this sounds yummy. I might try it this week.