Monday, December 28, 2015

Use it up and continuing to fill the recycling bags

 Recently, I did a stock take of all grocery items, including personal care products. I had 3 "empty" deodorant containers amassed. Time to clean them out, and then recycle the completely emptied containers. Pictured above is the dregs that I pulled out of the aforementioned containers. I melted it down in the microwave, then refilled my currently being used, solid deodorant container.
It solidified pretty quickly; I'm estimating that I saved 2 week's worth of deodorant in the process, although these efforts far from make me rich, they are economical and green.

Everything here is being scrutenized, use it up, will I need to buy move before July?, will I probably sell this off/donate? Based on the overflowing bags (just one week since the trash/recycling run)of recycling-not necessarily attributed to Christmas, we are meeting my goal of pairing down. Space is opening up in the frezzers, on the pantry and linen closet shelves.

It's all good, as DS #1 says.


meme said...

I did not know you could safely microwave these down and pour again....great tip I can use - I agree - it is not the amount of the savings, even little bit helps and helps keep trash down too.

CTMOM said...

Meme-doesn't take long, I set the microwave for 30 seconds, stop it after every 10 to stir and see if it's all liquified. I am lucky to be able to recycle the plastic deodorant containers, keeping them out of the trash. I pay 20 cents/lb to dispose of my trash in addition to an annual dump sticker for my car, which equals just over $2/month or $25/year. Less trash means less trash fees so more $ in my wallet. I feel it's wasteful not to use something all the way up; I want to get my money's worth, evn if it just saves me pennies.

"Watch pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves." is a great quote.

meme said...

My grandmother (born in 1901) used to say that exact same saying - which I try my best to follow today....