Monday, December 28, 2015

Unexpected medical issue


DS # 3 has been complaining on/off about his knee-same one he fell on this past Feb, cracking his knee cap. He  started complaining of a limp, so a call was placed to his orthopedist, who he saw this afternoon. X rays taken, a physical exam: he is left with an unstable knee-quite common after his injury. So, he is to wear a brace that was given him (except while sleeping), start PT and return to the MD in a month. Thankfully, since we hit our deductible already, all expenses are covered.

My day started with yet more blood work, this time while fasting. Dental cleaning tomorrow-again, no charges will be incurred.

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meme said...

I hope your son's knee starts to heal quickly - I can imagine he is an active teen, so this must tough for him.

snowing here now and ice and sleet....hope your weather is clear since you are heading out.