Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday supper: pork chops in a cream sauce

 4 thin, Center cut pork chops bought back in June, were first browned under the broiler, using the counter top convection oven
 A bit blurry: I sliced a small onion, grabbed a stray can of cr ck soup (from college boy I suspect as it's not something I normally would buy)

 Chops were layered with sliced onions and mushrooms inbetween
 Can of cream of ck soup plus 1/2 a can of milk, plus some Pezey's Bavarian spice mix created a creamy sauce

 The chops will be served over a bed of instant mashed potatoes. Not my top pick, but I am using what I have, eating down the pantry, saving the fresh spuds for another time.
 A can of corn was drained, transfered to microwave safe dish
 I cleaned out the fridge, grabbing this open Butternut squash, which I will prepare and roast
 Salad greens were readied for a few days
Additional veggies selecyed to add to tonight's bowls. Assorted dressings to select from.

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