Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saturday grocery shopping


Armed with my list of must have's to complete December's menus, and the weekly grocery list which included additional holiday ingredients needed, I hit 3 stores yesterday, as I was already nearby, due to my monthly hair appointment.

First stop: Aldi's:  2 3 ct pkgs gum, 2 small jars herbed cornichons for Xmas & New years, 2 white bread, 1 rye, 2 whole grain bread, 1 pkg bagels, 2 fzn broccoli, 1 fzn jumbo shrimp, 1 qt 1/2 & 1/2, 2 gallons milk (whole & 1 %), 4 tissues, 2 qts organic yogurt, 2 Polish kielbasa, 2 5 lb tubs marked down 73% grnd beef, 4  fzn tubes 85% beef, 4 fzn tubes grnd turkey, "Tylenol,"4 boxes oat pkts, 1 pkg herbed spinach wraps, 1/2 gal egg nog, 2 boxes fresh mushrooms, huge pkg AAA batteries, cran juice, 2 splash juice, 1 cuke, bag whole almonds, bananas, 4 bags chocolate truffles, tomatoes 2 cans Spanish peanuts.
Spent: 135,75

Next: Dollar Tree:2 cans sweetended condensed milk, 2 cans cherry pie filling.
Spent: $4

Next: Stop & Shop: 1 white bread (cpn promo), 18 cy pkg eggs, 2 whipping cream, Deli: BH no salt (didn't know it existed $$$$$$$)turkey breast, 8 slices Havarti w/ dill, P & P loaf; assorted bags fz veg: gr/wax baens, gr/wax beans w/ carrots, Ca blend, sugar snaps; low salt peanut butter (cpn promo), 2 huge boxes Kix cereal crash n burn, 12 ct Snapple (cpn promo), Perdue fzn popcorn chicken (Egads! normally $9.99, it was a cpn promo @ $4 + a Perdue promo @ $2 + I had a $1 coupon so $2.99 out the door! the kids know that these treat type items only ever enter the home w/ a super deal like this one!), 2 eye round roast @ $2.99/lb, lg tub organic baby lettuce, 2 3 ct pkgs organic Romaine hearts, marked down huge Butternut-couldn't find anything wrong with it, 5 lb bag Texas scarlett grapefruit (weighed several bags and took the 6.54 lb one) $5.99 but I got $1 off w/ a 50 cent doubled coupon, costing me 62 cents/piece vs $1 @ Aldi's, ( Here's a coupon link: 3 lb bag halos mandarins $2.77 after 2 promos and an additional $1 off manufacturer cpn, marked down @ 29 cents bananas.

Spent: $98.75


Belinda said...

Some really great deals, Carol. So cool you weighed that bag of grapefruit and found a 6.54 pound one. I love grapefruit.

Florence said...

Lots of good deals there!

CTMOM said...

Belinda, the scale was conveniently right there. I knew that by law, produce labeled "5 lbs" must minimally contain 5 lbs or more. Weights varied from 5.21 lbs to over a lb more. I got the heaviest bag : )
BTW-had the Scarlett's Texas red grapefruit this morning, so good!

Here's a coupon link:

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I so miss grapefruit! It is not compatible with my heart medications. Pharmacist said I could eat it "occasionally" without harm, but mostly I just don't buy it anymore. Luckily, it's only grapefruit, so I can eat other citrus without problems.