Sunday, December 13, 2015

Planning ahead for fish on Monday

 A planned freezer clean out before buying any more frozen fish fillets: 2 each fzn Cod and Tilapia, only 1 fzn fillet of Swai. A hodgepodge fish dinner is on deck for tomorrow. My hope is to have the stand alone freezer emptied by the end of April. We move by the end of July.
As instructed on the packages, the fillets are removed from the packaging, and have been transferred to a covered, plastic tub to defrost in the fridge for tomorrow. These fillets will be simply baked with lemon, and  herbs. Sides will be brown rice, canned beets, salad with choice of dressing, possibly l/o veggies from today. I am off work, on personal time tomorrow, attending to some medical tests, including yet another 24 hour urine collection. I am doing that today so that only one day will be missed from work.


The domestic Groove said...

I read your blog faithfully but I must have missed that you are moving next summer. I hope all is going well.

CTMOM said...

Domestic, the youngest turn 18 this Summer, which translates into graduation and loss of child support, which has helped me to continue to reside in this expensive area. With the drop in resources comes the need to significantly reduce my living expenses. We moved 1 1/2 years ago to a much better housing situation, but also to allow college boy to return to the nest. That didn't work out as planned, his GF was asked to leave, naturally he went with her. We are in a much bigger home than needed, luckily, it's economical to run. So, planning ahead for the bext chapter.

The domestic Groove said...

Good luck with everything. I think down sizing is a blessing. I did know that you were only staying in that area while your kids were in school. I did not realize that your youngest will already be 18. My youngest also turns 18 in the spring. Oh my how time flies!