Saturday, December 19, 2015

Medical updates

Got a call Thurs to go to the rehab center at the hospital, as there was a cancellation in OT, where my surgeon has me discontinuing services for my thumb, but ordered that the above splint be made for my elbow to help with my nerve damage. I already notice a difference.

I continue with PT for the shoulder, which is weak, but improving. He is still keeping removal of my plate and 11 screws in our discussions. Sigh . . one step at a time.

My new, starting Sept 1, 2016 contract cleared arbitration and the town councils so we know now, what to expect as far as our new medical benefit. Naturally, costs increased, a new rider means that once we clear our high deductibles, we will be responsible for 10% of all charges. What small raise I am to get is offset. It's been this way for years.

More blood work  and  a 24 hour urine test, coupled with a renal scan. No word from the specialist, so I called. "No news is good news." Great-can you send me the lab and scan reports? I had to go in and sign a waiver to have them sent to me. Weird. All my other MD's simply Xerox a copy for me. Giving permission for my own records to be released to myself??!!  I can't understand that. I asked for the records as  I am monitoring all of my test results as we aim to figure out what is happening.

More blood work (fasting this time) on 12/28.

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