Friday, December 25, 2015

Lunches at home

 Only 2 days were we toting lunchs  to work/school.  I tend to take leftovers, or homemade soup in my work lunch. Cold cuts pretty much eliminated from the shopping list due to health and cost reasons. Desiring using what is on hand also for economy as well as practical reasons (impending move this Summer), I turned to the pantry. Large can of crash n burn (pristine condition BTW) ck lite tuna mixed with 2 cans of costlier albacore, mayo, spices, celery.
 Here's the prepared tuna salad, and the chiabatta rolls from Aldi's-excellent, super soft rolls.
 1 lingering slice Havarti w/ dill cheese, a sliced tomato, organic Romaine (we use the more fragile baby greens first during the week to avoid waste.
 My sandwich plate.
 I defrosted a pkg of beef franks this week, knowing that we'd be home for lunch. Canned baked beans completed the lunch. I stopped and bought a pkg of rolls while I was out.
Today's (Christmas) lunch: leftover beans, leftover kielbasa. I shouldn't have either due to salt, but I am watching what I eat over the course of the day.

It's just the girls this weekend, so we'll have leftovers (I am thinking tuna salad on herbed wraps, baked chicken topped salad), but next week will find me feeding 3-4 daily for lunch. I've planned my lunch menus as well: grilled cheese w/ cream of tomato soup (I'll just have a few soup oyster crackers), sloppy joes using fzn l/o sauce, spaghetti w/ fzn l/o sauce, spinach lasagna (boys have asked me to make this, so I have slowly amassed the expensive ingredients-this should allow 2 days of lunches esp as i don't eat lasagna, peanut butter-fluff sandiches-we STILL have some Fluff in the kitchen cupboard that's got to go!


Marcia in rural WNY said...

My family again chose lasagna for Christmas dinner. The ingredients are expensive, but it goes quite a way as well. I made a 9 x13 inch pan and a 9 x 9 inch pan, the second with ground turkey as my grand-daughter does not eat red meat. Four of us ate today off the 9 x 13 pan, and I sent a generous meals' worth home with DD, have left a generous meals' worth for the two of us, and DGD went home with 4 meals worth for her--three of which will go in her freezer as she will be in NYC for another month, leaving on Sunday. So 12 individual meals from the two pans, and there may be some leftovers from tomorrow's dinner--depending on how hungry everyone is at the time. The 9 x 13 inch pan had both ground beef and bulk Italian sausage. A 32 oz ricotta and about 24 oz of mozzarella, as well as 3 3/4 jars of Prego went into it. All ingredients were on sale when purchased, and the Prego was bought with coupons as well. The Prego I use is the Heart-Smart one, less sodium, but not diluted with no salt diced tomatoes like I normally use. Holiday lasagna! It is about the only time we do eat lasagna unless we choose it when eating out. It's an infrequent splurge, but we very much enjoy it, I have to say. My lasagna is very dense indeed, so the portions don't have to be terribly large. I especially enjoy getting DGD to have a few extra meals, as her inclination is to eat take out or go out way too often.

CTMOM said...

Marcia, one trick I started years ago after receiving a fzn lasagna thru Angel Food (which container cottage cheese) is to mix cheaper cottage cheese in with the ricotta layer. No one noticed, my wallet was happier for it.