Friday, December 25, 2015

Le reveillon or Christmas eve celebration

 Christmas eve lunch was a snacky affair. I filled this Tupperware tray with celery sticks, carrot sticks, black olives, herbed cornichons, pickled garlic scapes, pickled radishes, salsa. I also had some herbed Alouette soft cheese to spread on the celery and carrots, some "scoops" style nachos for the salsa.
 I baked off some kielbasa slices, later served with choice of mustards
 and some fzn pigs in a blanket-both from Aldi's

I steamed some pork-veggie pot stickers and served them with 2 sauces.
My snack plate. Assorted sodas, Snapple, cider-all bought on sale were the beverages to select from.
 The evening meal featured shrimp cocktail (aldi's fzn that I boiled, peeled myself), and homemade tourti√®re.
 which is a double crusted pie with a ground pork-beef, potato fillling. Relish tray also served.
Dessert was a homemade, rum cake.

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meme said...

Beautiful Christmas and Christmas Eve dinners! We also had ham today - I am French Canadian, as is my husband, so we have pork pie for Christmas too!

Merry Christmas to you and your children