Friday, December 25, 2015

January 2016 menus


With the new year quickly approaching, I find myself behind as far as monthly meal planning goes. I have been so busy with work this year. I normally plan on/about the 15th of the month for the upcoming, new month.

The focus from here on to July, when we will be moving, is to use up our freezer (home to unplug the stand freezer by the end of April)and pantry stores as I don't want to have to move it, and as a means of using up some items, rotating supplies.

Here are the menus for Jan:

1-roast whole turkey (fzn), mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, cranberry sauce, fzn peas n onions
2-Butternut squash soup, crackers
3-planned overs: turkey pot pie (use aeseptic box of herbed cooking sauce), salad
4-arroz con pavo (use Goya rice mix), salad
5-spaghetti, fzn marinara, fzn broccoli w/ cheese sauce, salad
7-taco bake casserole (use fzn beef, canned beans), canned corn, salad
9-hamburger (use fzn)-vegetable-pasta soup, crackers
10-marinated, broiled pork tenderloin (fzn), scallopped potatoe mix, canned beets
11-tuna cakes (use albacore in oil), fzn brussel sprouts, fzn CA veg mix
12-sausage hot pot(use fzn sundried tomato ck sausage)
14-planned overs: ham-pineapple stir fried rice
15-canned refried beans, turkey tacos (use fzn meat diced), canned Mexicorn
16-lentil soup, crckers
17-turkey roulades (use fzn cutlets), hm gravy from freezer, homemade stuffing (with apple?), canned green and wax beans mixed
18-ginger glazed, whole fillet of Salmon (large whole fzn fish fillet), rice, fzn Prince Edward mix veg
19-CP chilli: use fzn beef, canned beans. Make buttermilk cornbread
21-CP ham (use fzn meaty ham bone) and beans (use dried navy beans)
23-canned clam chowder, saltines -dinner for 2, getting this out of the pantry!
24-herb crusted eye of the round (fzn roast), mashed potatoes,  fzn cauliflower-broccoli mix
25-planned overs: CP vegetable-beef-noodle soup, crackers
26-pate chinois(use fzn beef, fzn turkey, plus instant  potatoes, canned cream corn); apple-raisin slaw
28-planned oves: CP beef stew (use fzn l/o cooked beef pot roast)
30-cream of tomato soup (use canned soup) again dinner for 2, crackers/grilled cheese for DD
31-meatloaf: use fzn beef, fzn turkey, instant mashed potatoes, CA fzn veg mix

The bulk of the above, outside of perishable, is aleady on hand-a real $ saver for me this upcoming month.

Another reason for focusing on eating from the pantry is that I have been paying off medical debt from the hospital, and am on a payment plan (interest free). I have a financial plan, and have already paid off 1/3 of what I owe. If I am able to pay down more, sooner, I will.  Meanwhile, my taxes paperwork is already in good order, I hope to file early and would also apply any possible refund to that medical debt.

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Anne in the kitchen said...

I am so impressed that you have a month of menus. This makes me feel like a real slacker!