Saturday, December 12, 2015

Getting crafty: I needed a business envelope

 I need to mail an important document out registered mail this morning, from the post office. I am out of business envelopes. Hating to waste a huge, manilla mailer, I got resourceful. I had just recycled a return envelope for our mail order RX program, that I did't need. I figured that I may be able to repurpose that, so I grabbed some office supplies and a second, recycled envelope.
First, I checked that my document would fit, then, using a sharpie, I crossed out the tracking bar code preprinted on the envelope. I made a patch out of the second envelope, covering the preprrinted, mailing address. I taped all edges down. Not something I'd do everytime I need a business envelope, but this worked in a pinch. : )

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