Friday, December 25, 2015

Farm eggs and a freebie

 Approx every 2 weeks, I buy some eggs off of a farmer friend. Local, organic-perfect! I pay $4/dozen and reserve these for bfst eggs, esp as the MD has me eating 1 hardboiled egg every mid morning. I still buy cheapo eggs for cooking, baking.
A freebie calander arrived this week I use 3 calendars in the kitchen on my message bulletin board: appointments are on one, dinners on another, DD's work schedule on the third.


meme said...

I received an email stating I was getting the same calendar -- it has not come yet - hoping it is on its way.

Lee Ann said...

locally grown (harvested?) eggs here in my neck of North Carolina cost around 4-6 dollars. I can't decide if it's worth it or not.

Why does you doctor want you to eat an egg a day? Just curious?

CTMOM said...

Lee Ann, I buy organic, free range eggs right from farmer friends. The quality is far superior to commercially sold eggs. Thick, hard shells, deep orange-yellow yolks. Far healthier for us, rich in vitamins. I have a hard boiled egg @ 9:15 every morning due to an insulin drop. I am not hyper or hypo glycemic, nor am I diabetic. This is a fairly common issue, per my internist. I no longer feel faint so this is working for me. : )

CTMOM said...

forgot to add: most charge $8-14 for what I am getting.