Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Divide and conquer


Divide and conquer is my approach ot tasks that came quickly become overwhelming. I am a list maker, and gain great satisfaction in crossing things out, physically seeing a reminder of my success in getting things accomplished. I often have multiple things in process, so having a physical reminder helps me to stay on task and not let things slip, such as the library returns. I currently have a list of items that I am addressing and another of phone calls to make. Many mornings, such as today, find me with a short "to do" list for the day, often organized in a driving route.

Case in point for my strategies: the pile of school work that has sat since last week (my gift to myself) that must be tackled or I will be at it all of Sunday-no thanks! Instead, I am going to dedicate an hour or 2 /day to  get it done.

Taxes are organized, I await documentation and will be set to submit. I blanched at the yet again higher CPA fees charged last year (CPA gave a discount of $25 when  I complained)for  a fairly simple return. I plan on finding a new one this year.

I'm addressing my overall financial picture, tweaking my monthly budget, paying off medical debt, positioning myself for next Summer's move.

I continue to review all of our possessions, culling through what I can sell/donate now, what I may* sell once my next residence is confirmed with a signed lease. Any proceeds are earmarked for moving expenses. The older I get, the less stuff I wish to own, especially with the frequent moves I've had these past few years.

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Treaders said...

I'm a list-maker too and for me it just works. Once it is down in my diary - I like to physically see it rather than keeping it on my phone - it gets done. Not always immediately but I get bursts of "oh for God's sake, get this off the list". I think you do an amazing job by the way. So organized and upbeat. I'm sure you have your off days but hey that's life. So congratulations on doing such a fabulous job and my best wishes for 2016. Cheers. Anna (in France)