Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cooking from the pantry: a special lunch request and frozen assets

The term "frozen assets" for me refers to homemade, prepared foods already in the freezer. This currently includes apple sauce, pumpkin puree, rhubarb, blueberries, a small shepardess pie, soup stock, Italian meatballs, marinara, shredded cheeses (Swiss, Italian cheese blend, Munster)along with assorted plastic tubs of leftover this and that, 1/2 a roast turkey breast for sandwiches. This morning's efforts have added a spinach lasagna to the coffers.

One awaits baking off for the kid's lunch (I don't eat it, due to texture issues), but one kidlet has asked for lasagna. Since I am home this week, lasagna was placed on the lunch menus, especially as I was able to gather the pricy ingredients slowly over time.

Lasagna no cook noodles: Dollar Tree $2
2 free range, organic eggs: 67 cents
24 oz tub Aldi's cottage cheese
2 15 oz tubs Aldi's ricotta
some Aldi's grated Romano-Parmesan cheese
2 Jar Ragu sauce @ 89 cents each
1, 2 count pack metal foil trays: Dollar Tree $1 (I reuse these as much as I can)
some assorted, grated Italian cheeses @ $3.29/lb, used 1 cup's worth at most
2 cans Aldi's spinach
black pepper, Parsley, Italian spices

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Belinda said...

Looks good, Carol. I use cottage cheese in my lasagna as well. It's what I grew up with, so that's what I use.