Monday, December 28, 2015

Cooking from the pantry: planning Tuesday's supper ahead

A Winter storm is on the way, you can just feel it in the air, which is damp, raw. Supper tomorrow will be paté chinois, a French-Canadian version of sheppard's pie. I will use a combination of ground beef (73% recently bought on marked down and frozen) and ground turkey (assuming that I still have a tube of it in the garage freezer). I am turning to Thanksgiving promo plus coupon instant mashed potatoes as a way of saving what few fresh potatoes remain on hand, and will use up 2 cans of creamed corn from the pantry. An apple-raisin coleslaw will complete the meal. I will prep this earlier in the day as we have late afternoon appointments.

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meme said...

we are in line for our first few inches of snow too - here in Mass. I can "feel it in my joints" from my RA (joint swelling). We have gone ground turkey also in our Shepard's Pie - also made with the creamed style corn - cheaper and better for us to use all ground turkey.

be safe tomorrow afternoon since you are going out....