Monday, December 28, 2015

Cooking from the pantry: lunches at home

 Since 3 of us are off from work/school, lunches are at home. Trying to use stuff up, I had a Fluffernutter sandwich on toast the other day. There is enough left for probably 2 more sandwiches, then it's GONE!
 Naturally, holiday and any day leftovers are always welcomed at lunch, especially as I much prefer a hot meal over a sandwich
 Today's luncheon menu is cream of tomato soup w/th oyster crackers for me, grilled cheese for the boys.
 I simply butter one side of the bread (made 2 sandwiches today) and place the buttered side down in the frying pan,
 top w/ 2 slices of cheese (had Aldi's "Deluxe" American which we tried) then top with the remaining buttered bread, this time leaving the buttered side up (not against the cheese)

Today's frugal tip was to use the heels of the free to me bread, placing the "good" side down in the pan, so once finished, the crusty heel is on the inside, hidden from unsuspecting eaters. I normally do not serve the heels unless desperate, they are usually dried out on the counter, later whirled in the food processor for bread crumbs. I am currently pulling out all the frugal stops, turning to every tip/hack I know. This one "saved" me 2 good slices of bread for a future sandwich or toast.

 I have 3 more cans in the pantry-all expire Jan 6. No worries as I still plan on serving cream of tomato soup once again, come the end of January when it'll be just DD and myself on a Saturday. From then on, I'll have to search for a tried and true homemade version, for my low sodium diet. These healthy request soups offer 470 mg sodium per serving, and my large soup bowls are more generous than that.
I've culled some items for Tuesday's lunch: spinach lasagna as requested. All ingredients are on hand, the kids are looking forward to this. I'll make a second tray for the freezer.

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American Dreamer said...

That luncheon plate of leftovers looks so yummy! I have always enjoyed your blog. Happy New Year to you and your family.