Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cooking from the pantry: C.O.R.N. approach, saving on office supplies

 One DS has tea with breakfast almost daily. I've turned to my tea cabinet, yes we actually have a  dedicated tea/coffee/cocoa cabinet! (that also stores assorted travel carafes)and we're using up what we have on hand.

  After opening a new box of tea bags this morning, I decanted the bags into a Mason far, sealing it with a blue screw on cap, which hails from a tub of mayonnaise, I believe (peanut butter 18 oz jar lids are also the right size).

Years ago, I bought expensive, Ball canning company, white plastic lids. These work, too! To save on my home office supplies, and to provide a label for these tea bags, I turn to my freebie rubber bands, and just cut down the box, creating a label in the process. No need to use paper, or even scrap paper, nor a marker/pen or Scotch tape. Once done, the rubberband returns to the drawer, the cut down box label is recycled, the jar and cap freshly washed for another use for food storage.

I also have a nice stockpile of regular and decaf plain tea bags. Currently, I am pushing more "Wintery" flavors such as this lemon-ginsing green tea. A 20 count box lasts us a month as I reuse two bags to make a third cup. I usually serve a pot of tea after supper come Winter. The warm temperatures we've had, however, don't call for it. I know that this should change. I have spice tea, orange-spice, chai, peach, apple-cinnamon, chocolate, ginger spice, etc. I also like to offer cold, home brewed iced tea as an inexpensive beverage.
This is the state of my refrigerator as of just shy of 9 a.m. today. It's Wed, so leftovers for supper day for DD and myself. It's C.O.R.N. especially as I've been cooking while home on break. We also have some Christmas extras such as Boursin cheese, egg nog that will need to be used up. This theme will repeat itself again on Fri-another leftovers night. Lunhes for 4 over the next few days as well will go far to eat this down in short order. I want my fridge back! DD already fixed a tub of lasagna to take with her to work today.


mhart1993 said...

What does CORN stand for?

CTMOM said...

C.O.R.N.= Clean out Right Now. : )

meme said...

I also have a dedicated tea/coffee/cocoa cabinet - I thought everyone did !! that is where you will also find the "fake" sweetner, powder creamer, mini marshmallows, sugar, etc. But I am really a "plain" Lipton tea gal when it comes to tea. I love the french vanilla sugar free coffee creamers though!

Rachel said...

I was also going to ask with C.O.R.N. stood for. Glad I read the comments :)

Hope you have a great day!

Belinda said...

CORN can also stand for Clean Out Refrigerator Night.

My blog post today was about tea too, how funny. :)

We have a good stash of tea bags of many flavors. I have a section in the pantry for it, but it's not big enough. I need to find a better solution for it.

Jodi Newman said...

LOL I was also going to ask what it meant! :-) I have a new
word now! Thanks Carol! Happy New Year to you!