Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

 Several students gifts me this year, included are several gift cards for coffee shope-perhaps they feel that I need it? Lol! The cellophane wrapped gift on the left is a tray of assorted, decorated pretzels that one student made with her sister and mother-a real gift from the heart.
Besides a check from Mom, I received the above: mostly consumables, which I prefer at this stage of my life.


meme said...

your students were very generous with you! I teach preschool and received two $25 dollar gift cards this year for Christmas - one for grocery store, one for Dunkin Donuts - so very appreciated !
It looks like that foot bath will be nice after a long day at work.

CTMOM said...

Meme, yes, they are generous gifs. Foot bath was selected as I also have arthritis in my feet. Same issue as my hands, for which I have had bilateral surgery, now it's the base joint of my big toes, creating bunions and bunionettes on the opposite side (near baby toes). Toss in an eczyma condition, DS thought this was perfect.

Theresa F said...

That was really kind of your students. Coffee gift cards are the best.
Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

CTMOM said...

Theresa, Money will be tight as I go into the new year, paying off medical debt. I plan on using the cards to get donuts @ D & D, and lemon lb cake @ Sb, as treats for the kids.

Ms. Sandie said...

I too was blessed by the generosity of my students. It still blows DH's mind that they give me anything at all. I am so grateful for the Starbucks gift cards. (My one vice is coffee) as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble gift cards. So appreciated. I already wrote every student a thank you card.

thyme2save said...

Handwritten notes and cards to gift cards and all between, I appreciated from students. A gift from a needy student my second year of teaching, a chip and dip set,
I remember as none other. Her thoughtfulness overwhelmed me. I hope life has been as good for her as it has been for me.