Saturday, November 21, 2015

What's been cooking?

Sunday supper: baked ham, cheesy scalloped potatoes (mix), steam carrots, sauteed Tat soi.

Fish on Monday: horseradish crusted Mahi Mahi, brwon rice, canned French style green beans

 Tues: CP beef stew served with l/o Grands biscuits
 Wed: dinner for one: sliced ham from Sunday's supper, l/o cheesy scalloped potatoes, canned corn plus green salad (not seen photo)
(mostly) vegetarian Thursday: veggie drawer clean out stir fry w/ 4 pkgs Ramen noodles cooked in plain water (saved bouillon packets for soup in the future), steamed, fzn pork-veggie dumplings

Fri: dinner for one: take out pizza

Sat: l/o pizza

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