Sunday, November 15, 2015

What's been cooking?

Last Sunday was CP pot roast, mashed potato w/ gravy, carrots
 Fish on Monday became fish on Tues: salmon cakes, steak fries, fzn mixed veggies
 Thursday (not a typo-this is out of order): I  grabbed this previously fzn pkg of ubber cheap w/ large coupon, kielbasa link
 smallest Savoy cabbage known to mankind was completely used up, along with this apple (med sized) that had a cut in it
 A batch of apple-raisin coleslaw
 my plate with the pan fried sausage pennies, slaw and a cup of canned baked beans (Dollar Tree Hanover 28 oz) Choice of mustards accompanied
 Mon's offerings: baked chicken thighs not used last week, boxed yellow rice mix (cpn deal), fan veg mix

Wednesday's offerings for 2 (and subsequent work lunches) was a simple chicken broth (from ck thighs cooked earlier in the week)-rice-veg soup. (no photos)
 Fri: CP sausage spaghetti sauce, using a pint of my canned tomatoes, a qt of my fzn veggie marinara, served over linguini; Parmesan if desired

Saturday was dinner out, to celebrate my birthday. I ate about 1/2 of my chicken Parm, brought the rest home. Finished the chicken and had some pasta for lunch today, the remaining ziti  is packed up for a grab n go work lunch. Others at the restaurant had: ck parmesan grinder, ck francaise over linguini, cheese ravioli, a personal sausage pizza..