Saturday, November 7, 2015

What's been cooking this crazy week?

Like the mix of fzn potatoes, I've cobbled together dinners this week. Between work and after work commitments, it has been a rough week.

Mon's fish dinner stuck to the menu: tuna cakes, coleslaw, fzn tots/fries, and fzn Prince Edward veggies, tartar sauce w/ the fish.

Tues's plan got scrapped, so we had burgers on toasted Portugese rolls, salad.

Wed's dinner for one was l/o turkey pot pie, salad

Th's plan was also scrapped, so we had jarred sauce cooked with the rest of the fzn meatballs over ziti, canned green beans, salad

Fri: takeout pizza for 2, salad.

So glad the week is behind me.

Sat was supper for 2, so I baked off the defrosted ck thighs I had planned to use earlier in the week, served a box of Goya yellow rice, l/o veg, l/o cole slaw. The  l/o rice and chicken is in 2 lunch tubs, only need to add a veg to complete a meal. Today (Sun) I plan on going thru the fridge, possibly making some soup ahead for Mon's supper, tweaking menus if needed, for the upcoming week. The fridge looks crowded, this must get done.

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