Thursday, November 26, 2015

What's been cooking: the post "early Thanksgiving" edition


This past Sunday was to be our early Thanksgiving celebration, I cooked, but only the twins ate as I was ill with the stomach bug going around school. Turkey, however, is the main meat of this week: Monday was shredded turkey tacos on tortillas with chopped tomato, organic baby lettuce, the freebie Cheddar that I shredded, Dollar Tree taco sauce. I had tea and toast.

Tues: penne pasta and jarred sauce, topped with grated Parmesan, if desired. I was able to eat, so I returned to work on Wed, which was only a 1/2 day schedule.

Wed: DD and I turned to the ton of Thanksgiving leftovers on hand, for dinner for 2, so officially our celebration together.

Th: tonight the kids are at Dad's for supper, so it's dinner for one: I'll be eating more leftovers again-one of the perks of Thanksgiving.More of the same for DD and I on Fri, and I plan on making turkey soup this Sat.

Saturday's lunch: a toasted turkey/lettuce/mustard/mayo sandwich

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