Saturday, November 7, 2015

Topping up the wardrobe and a few household items

 All cotton, woven dish towel $1.99, Cecil saylah cotton terry dish towel 99 cents
 Jenni by Jennifer Moore 60-40 cotton-polyester, waffle knit henley top (weekend wear) $3.99
 Na Na Fashion stretchy knit top (I look great in boatnecks) $6.99. Thinking Spring/Summer as I have a pair of chocolate brown cropped pants
 Merona (Target label I think) eggplant 3/4 sleeved cardigan $4.99 (cotton w/ nylon & spandex)
 Joseph A quest-ce que c'est silk? (weird Franglais name) fuschia cotton-rayon cardigan $4.99
 Jones on NY silver grey cotton-nylon-rayon, ruffled front, long cardigan $9.99
 2 wallets (sadly, I need to return the red one as I didn't notice some significant wear on it) but I also got a Vera Bradley one!
 zipered coin purse in back
 lots of slots for credit cards, ins cards, loyalty cards, library cards etc and 2 clear view license pockets
 other zippered side has even more slots for cards, etc and a pocket (cash) and a divider (vouchers?)$5.99
 I have been wearing rags as Summer sleepwear, which I can now recycle thru the town clothing recycling bin. It's all far too worn to consider donating!). I found this Lanz cotton knit nightie $3.99
 A brand I've worn for years, sadly no longer made in USA
 a short sleeved, cotton knit nightie by Croft and Barrow (Kohl's) $5.99
 2 infinity scarves $11.99 and $4.99
 4 pairs of socks @ 99 each (the boys)
A Croft and Barrow white, cotton-nylon cardigan (for next Spring) $6.99

An Apt 9 (A kohl's label I think)grey and white silky T style nightie $5.99

All of the above is from a second hand store, but most look new or hardly used. Everything is freshly laundered, dried (my policy on second hand items) including the Vera Bradley wallet that had some stain in one exterior corner. I applied Shout to it and laundered in cold. Came out pristine.: )
I just checked the VB website, this retails for $49!
Apparently, I got the "Slate Blooms" patter hailing from 2010:

Vera Bradley Slate Blooms

The Vera Bradley Slate Blooms pattern, introduced for fall 2010, offers an earthy blend of rich brown and slate blue, with soft highlights of off white and black.
And my list continues:
I still need new Winter boots (hard size to find and I waited too long as on line stores are out of my size for the one's I want), 2 more pairs of pull on pants, a black long sleeved T, another long sleeved weekend shirt. My main wardrobe remains mix/match. My work uniform of black pants with dressy top continues, I now have some brighys to perk it up a bit.


Belinda said...

Nice additions to your wardrobe, great prices, I like the cardigans. You will definitely look sharp this winter. :)

Belinda said...

Oh, I meant to add...I have a Vera Bradley wallet too. I've been using it for about 7 years now, and it has wear on it as well, so I am in the market for one. I am taking my time though. When we were at the mall last weekend for dd's birthday shopping, I saw one at Charming Charlies, which I really liked, but the $38 price tag was too high for me, so I will keep looking. Yours is great looking, so much room to store cards. Great find.

Ms. Sandie said...

Both you and one of my co educators find really great items second hand.

Lili said...

I love the Jones NY cardigan and striped knit top. Both very much my style. Very nice. I need to do a shopping trip like this for myself, soon. I don't need a lot, but my current wardrobe is starting to look worn. Rags for sleepwear -- that's what prompted me with my winter sleepwear, this past summer.
I'm glad you found items for yourself. You work hard, and you should have some nice clothing.

young77 said...

I love your new clothing choices! I need a few new things as well and someone told me about The American Cancer thrift store located in the same strip-mall as Safeway (they have Mgr Specials, too.) Since I don't drive any longer and need to take a bus for seniors/disabled I try to maximize my trips. I'm excited to give this a try. Wish me luck! Shirley

The domestic Groove said...

I am normally very frugal but I have splurged on that exact style of Vera Bradley turn lock wallet twice when they were having a 60% off sale. It is my favorite style of wallet. Great find at a killer price!

Patti said...

Nice finds. Feels great to get a deal, doesn't it?
I do great finding boots on eBay, many new options from last years collections. Check there.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I was going to say-I have a lot of e-mails and find the Vera Bradley online store to have lots of reductions in prices and sales as well. I mostly look for smaller size bags because I'm only 5 ft tall. I've gotten my own bags, gifts for my sisters, and for Christmas this year I got ID tags with room for drivers license, and a change purse on the other side for my DD and DGD for $8 something each. While we don't disdain second hand, I do usually try for new at good prices for Christmas and Birthdays. Except for books. Used books are fine with all.