Saturday, November 21, 2015

This week's freebies

 Friday, a birthday luncheon was held for me. One co-worker asked to to take home the remainder of the Cheddar she had brought.
 There was also an all faculty breakfast  held by another dept: I had a hash brown-sausage casserole, baked ham, a hard boiled egg. I brought the 2nd egg, the fruit cup I didn't have time to eat, my birthday luncheon desserts home.
 I had a cup of hot tea  and 2 cookies at an after school meeting, bringing the water bottle I didn't open, back home with me.
A friend came to visit today, bringing me extra snow plow stakes she no longer needs (I needed to replace some that broke last Winter), and 2 unopened bottles of corn syrup. Pecan pies will be on the Thanksgiving menu this year, so one less ingredient to purchase.

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