Sunday, November 1, 2015

Talking snacks

 We're not the typical snackers. I've never been one to fill the freezer or pantry with tons of prepared snacks. I often offer yogurt, fruit, cheese/crackers, granola bars, crackers w/ nut butters, popcorn, tortilla chips w/ homemade salsa. I am ever watchful of my own choices, turning to dried fruits and nuts. The above former pickle jars hold this week's snack offerings for me, thanks to Dollar Tree.
I also grabbed ome plain nuts for my snack drawer at work (Aldi's) and n extra bag of trail mix as well. I avoid the vending machines this way.

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kelley said...

I keep nuts at work too...local grocery has walnuts 3.98 a pound so it's stock up time...hard finding good low carb snacks...