Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday supper and trying something new

 Sunday supper this weekend will be pork chop bake, a family favorite that bakes the stuffing on top of the chops. Red Kuri squash, homemade apple sauce and salad will complete the meal. Here's a link to my recipe:
 The weather was supposed to clear, it's nearing 12 noon and the sun is not in sight. I may end up bringing wet sheets back inside to dry. Meanwhile, I am planning ahead for Tues, which will find me at work while the twins have a 1/2 day. I am preparing a double batch of beef-kidney bean chilli, trying some of the McCormick sauce pouches I bought recently. Another blogger also bought some after reading my post about them, and shares her review:
After browning the beef, I added tomatoes, rinsed and drained kidney beans and the brownish sauce on top. (noted that it's better to cut the pouch open straight across rather than on the angle as indicated on the pouch. Using a rubber spatula, I scrapped all of the sauce out.

The twins will have this for their lunch on Tues, when they get home. I am having some today for mine. Review to follow.

UPDATE: here's the cooked chilli. I did let it simmer longer than the suggested 10 minutes and still feel that this would be great in a Crock Pot. Review: as the other blogger mentioned, it's a it on the tomatoey side but the sauce is suspended in a tomato based sauce, so that makes sense. I'd just cut back on the amount of tomatoes added, so as to balance this out. Very good, not sure I'd continue to buy (great for camping, emergency meals ) as it doesn't vary much from my homemade recipe. $1 for spices in tomato sauce, I think I can do better with my recipe (just add cost of an onion, some cheapo chilli powder) BUT it's a reasonably priced alternative. I saw the identical item @ Stop & Shop for $1.79.


Anne in the kitchen said...

I like the chili review, but was hoping for the how to's of the pork chop bake!

CTMOM said...

Anne in the kitchen-I added a link for you, see above