Monday, November 23, 2015

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and adapt

The boys ae with Dad for Thanksgiving, so I originally planned on an early celebraion for this past Sunday (yesterday). DD was away @ a Friendsgiving, older DS won't come w/ the  GF and wouldn't see if there was a point in his work schedule where he is off but she isn't, so it became Turkey day for the boys and I, with planned overs for the week. DD isn't sure if she'll go to Dad's, if DS w/ the GF goes, DD will not join them. Thursday will be grab a plate day anyway.

So I got cooking:

 I had made my cranberry-orange relish the day before
 I made a cherry pie
 and a Butternut squash pie
 Boiled previousle fzn jumbo shrimp, peeled them and got them chilling as the appetizer
 made my family's sausage stuffing, roasted a huge 59 cents/lb bird
 Simultaneously roasting, then later scooping the flesh out of an organic Butternut squash
 1/2 of a bag of fzn peas was blended w/ a box of pearl onions in cream sauce for creamed peas & onions
 mashed potatoes, making enough for Thurs as well
home made gravy

Everything smelled wonderful, the boys enjoyed it, but sadly, I couldn't partake. Around 2 p.m., my stomach started to turn-yup! I officially have the gastro-intestinal bug going around school. Fever, chills, fatigue, no appetite and other unpleasant symptoms. I was out of work today, still in my nightie @ 2 p.m.! and I've already called out for tomorrow. I hae to be symptom free 24 hours before returning. I just wish which ever student shared this with me, had done the same.

The fridge is full, carcass simmers away in a Crock Pot.


CT Bargain Mom said...

Aww Carol! So sorry that you've had this roll around this year. You've certainly had your share do illness/injury this year.

Sorry that DS & GF can't be adult and come visit for the day. Even for pie - she's gonna have to suck it up one day if they get married down the line.

Kathy said...

So sorry that you weren't able to enjoy your meal. It looks delcious. Hope you feel better soon!

cheryl soergel said...

You look at things the right way, sorry you are sick though. I was older when my parents divorced so no going from house to house. Think of all those wonderful leftovers you get to eat. Cheryl

Marcia in rural WNY said...

So sorry--hope you will be able to enjoy your leftovers, though. There do seem to be lots of gastric and respiratory bugs around right now. I spent 5 days in the hospital and then 2.5 weeks recovering from an infection of the digestive tract. Never so wiped out in my life but finally made it through the day yesterday with NO nap. I pronounced myself cured! I hope your recovery is much faster. I do remember the years with my girls from about 4-7, when we had ear infections and strep throat which just passed from one to the other of us almost constantly. Those always seemed to come during the holidays, too! I, too, always caught things at work from those people who deemed themselves essential and came in to make everyone else sick. Hope you feel better soon!

Belinda said...

I'm sorry you were sick and could not enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with the boys. Hope you are feeling better by now.

meme said...

Hi - I hope you are starting to feel better too -- the stomach bug is the worst - I always say it is the most violent 24 hours (for me anyway) - then the older I get - the longer it takes to recoup !

Ms. Sandie said...

Feel better!