Sunday, November 1, 2015

Medical insurance update


My new insurance plan year started Sept 1, and as anticipated, we're met our first high deductible of $4000 in combined medical/RX bills and are now working towards the second, $2000 Rx only deductible.  I have set aside monies in a HSA to cover the $6000.

This translates into several of us now seeking medical appointments as they will be covered @ 100% so long as we go to an in network MD. I've also mailed off new Rx's and electronically refilled a maintenance RX, knowing that we are eating the costs based on a new, 3 tier co-pay system of $5/$25/$40 for a monthly charge, less if we go through the mail order divisiion of the insurance company. My maintenace meds, for example, are $100/3 month supply (2 1/2 x's the regular co-pay at a retail pharmacy.)

 I estimate that we won't meet the second deductible, however, even with several of us taking RX's. The aforementioned monies (the $2000) are/will be in my HSA account for when needed.

The older 2 kids are responsible for any out of pocket, medical costs.

Meanwhile, my new work contract, effective next September, is in arbitration. Hope to know more in a few weeks. Regardless of the outcome, I will plan for the worst case scenario and deposit funds into my HSA to cover costs.

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Ms. Sandie said...

Thanks to this post I checked on my HSA. I had the dollar amount for one person in my brain, but now know I can do double that. Thank you Carol. And I always love reading your, Mamafish, sluggy and CT bargain moms posts.