Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's here!

I previously mentioned that we moved to an artificial tree this year:  It arrived quickly, comes in a nice storage box and was a breeze to assemble, compared to the wooden pole with individual branches that comprised my childhood artificial tree. Perfect height, perhaps not as bushy/wide as I prefer but circumstances will have me moving to smaller housing, so this is appropriate. Only 3 sections that interconnect, comes with a stand and then the branches have multiple parts to fluff out. I paid less than what I would have for a real tree, there will be no mess, no disposal issues. So far, a win-win for me. DD set this up last night as I'd like the kids to decorate the tree while they are home on Friday.

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Frugal Queen said...

We've had th same tree, lights and decorations for over ten years, it's a great saving